June 30th at 11:59pm


Step 1: Read the UBCUJP Submission Guidelines to ensure your paper meets the requirements.

Step 2: Complete the UBCUJP Consent Form. We require all authors to submit this form within the submission deadline.

Step 3: Register at our submissions website. If you are off-campus, you may need to connect to UBC’s VPN before accessing the submissions website. When registering, please check off “Author: Able to submit items to the journal.”  You will not be able to submit a paper if you do not register as an author.

Step 4: Submit your paper through our submissions website. Select “user home”, then “[new submission]”, then follow the 5-step process. Please DO NOT email us your submissions. Any submissions emailed to us directly will be immediately returned to the sender.

Once you have submitted your paper, we will be in contact with you in a few weeks. If you run into problems submitting, please email us at