Editorial Board


Kevin Chi

Kevin is a 5th year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. His research interests focus on understanding the biological and behavioural mechanisms linking everyday social interactions to health and well-being in midlife and old age. Kevin is currently the lab manager at the Health and Adult Development Lab and is working on a research project investigating daily prosocial activities and health in the UPLIFT Health Lab under the Quinn Research Assistantship Award.


Managing Editor

Aaron Zhuo

Aaron is a 3rd year Psychology major, interested in applied research within the field of Positive, Motivational, and Industrial-Organizational Psychology with an interest in topics like flow, resilience, and synthesized happiness. He is a research assistant at Dr. Johnston’s UBC Parenting Lab and is looking to get further involved in the psychological scene!


Section Editors

Leili Mortazavi, Cognitive Science & Behavioural Neuroscience Section Editor

Leili is a 3rd year psychology honours student. She is passionate about research and understanding the neurobiological basis of memory, decision making and other higher cognitive processes.


Sammi Zheng, Clinical Psychology Section Editor

Sammi is in her 4th year of undergraduate studies majoring in Psychology.


Kristine Ho, Health Psychology Section Editor

Kristine is a 4th year Psychology and English Literature student. She is interested in different dimensions of health — whether social, physical, psychological or otherwise — and how they interact with one another and various factors to impact everyday well-being.


Rebecca Watson, Developmental Psychology Section Editor

Rebecca recently graduated from UBC with a BA in Psychology and minor in English Literature. She is currently a volunteer research assistant at the REST Lab and is interested in research on stress/coping and decision making. Rebecca is currently completing the prerequisite courses for the MA in Counseling Psych program.

Denise Cua, Quantitative Methods Section Editor

Denise is a third-year student who transferred into UBC’s Dental Hygiene Degree Program after two years as a Psychology Major. Nevertheless, psychology will always be one of her interests, especially in learning the ways physical environments can affect personality.


Shengxi Miao, Social/Personality/Cultural Psychology Section Editor

Shengxi is a 4th year BA Psychology student. She currently works with one of Dr. Todd Handy’s graduate students, Simon Ho, and is passionate about eating disorders, personality, and cognition.


Media Officer

Winnie Lee

Winnie is a 3rd year BA psychology student at UBC. She is interested in learning about a broad range of topics in psychology, from psychopathology to memory and everything in between!


Faculty Supervisor

Dr. Steven Barnes

Dr. Steven Barnes is the Assistant Head of Undergraduate Affairs in UBC’s Department of Psychology.  He is well known for his work related to student mental health and wellbeing. Steven is also an accomplished artist–his current art practice is centered around the production of new media pieces that aim to inspire dialogue on the ways we think about and use modern technologies.  He also continues to produce drawings and paintings.  Steven is co-author of a best-selling textbook on Behavioural Neuroscience, Biopsychology 10th edition (Pearson).