Previous Editorial Team




Alex Lau

Alex is fourth year Psychology student at UBC.  His research interests focuses on how culture interacts with various fields of Psychology, such as the influence of culture on the experience of helping others. Outside of his studies, Alex is a passionate rock climber.

Managing Editor

Natalie Lui

Natalie is a 3rd year Psychology major and Environment & Society minor. She is most interested in eating disorders and body image-related mental health issues, and intends to pursue graduate studies in order to become a clinical counsellor.

Section Editors

Cognitive Psychology Editor – Priyam Joshi

Quantitative Methods Editor – Jody Miercarski

Social/Personality/Culture Editor – Nicole Chacon

Behavioral Neuroscience Editor – Mali McHugh

Mali is a 3rd year Psychology Major and English Language Minor student. She is interested in neuroscience, clinical psychology, and psychopathology. 

Health Psychology Editor – Alexandra Yam

Alexandra is a third year undergraduate student in Honours Psychology. She is currently the lab manager at the Health and Adult Development Lab. Alexandra recently completed a project examining the sleep concordance of couples and its relationship with health markers under the Quinn Research Assistantship Award.

Developmental Psychology Editor – Rebecca Watson

Media Officer

Kristine Ho

Faculty Supervisor

Dr. Steven Barnes

Dr. Steven Barnes is the Assistant Head of Undergraduate Affairs in UBC’s Department of Psychology.  He is well known for his work related to student mental health and wellbeing. Steven is also an accomplished artist–his current art practice is centered around the production of new media pieces that aim to inspire dialogue on the ways we think about and use modern technologies.  He also continues to produce drawings and paintings.  Steven is co-author of a best-selling textbook on Behavioural Neuroscience, Biopsychology 10th edition (Pearson).